Sustainability Week - change up your commute!

12 Feb 18
16 Feb 18
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Let's get outside for our journeys to work this week!

Commute to work by cycling, running or walking and show us by posting a photo in the feed.

If you get 200 points from any type of exercise this week, and post a photo of yourself in the feed on your outdoor commute to work, you'll be entered into a raffle to win one of the prizes.

You could even meet up with colleagues on your way into work and do a group walk in.
Prize Prize
Get 200 points in the 5 days and you will be raffled in to win the following:
- 3 x Personal Fitness Session (for you and a friend)
- 5 x King's Move Silver Tee
- 5 x King's Sustainability Keep Cups
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